Most of us know someone who is part of the baby boomer generation, or perhaps you are part of this age demographic yourself. We are all familiar with the stereotypes surrounding technology and older age groups. However, did you know that half of the internet users are people aged 65 and over? In fact, out of that half 70% use the internet on a daily basis and 49% use the social media site Facebook. These statistics do a lot to prove that baby boomers are a lot more tech-savvy than what has been believed in the past. This fact alone would make anyone want seek out baby boomers for their next marketing strategy, but there are some other factors to consider before jumping to that decision.

When trying to decide on buyer personas, it’s best to gather as much information as you can, instead of relying on educated guesses. To get an accurate picture, conduct interviews and browse social media sights for the audience you are marketing for. If your audience falls into the baby boomer demographic, than it’s very important that you cater your inbound marketing strategy to baby boomers, especially their online habits.

If your persona is not a baby boomer, than is still a great chance that your decision maker is. Getting a decision maker engaged in any project can be difficult, as they are often busy and have very little time to spare. Because of this, it’s crucial that the decision maker can easily digest and navigate your marketing assets. If a baby boomer is your decision maker, make sure that all sales and web content offer efficiency and a solution to any problems.

They key points to remember for your next marketing strategy is identifying who your personas are, and creating a marketing approach to reflect it. Most importantly, don’t overlook the baby boomers.