What are Pre-Roll Ads?

Pre-roll ads (aka In-Stream video advertisements) are a method of online advertising. Pre-roll ads are short videos that appear right before your video and become skippable after a short period of time. Pre-roll ads can be bothersome for the viewers if not used correctly. However, providing intriguing and helpful content within the ad can result in more customers and better business. Thus, it’s important to maximize your ads to increase the benefits you will receive from the campaign.

What kinds of ads are there?

  • Standard in-stream ads: ads that can’t be skipped and are usually 15 – 30 seconds long.
  • Instream select ads: an option that allows the viewer to skip or continue watching the ad after 5 seconds. The advertisers are charged whenever their ad loads, regardless of if it is skipped or not.
  • TrueView in-stream ads: ads that let viewers choose to skip after 5 seconds; advertisers pay only when the viewer has seen the full ad or a minimum of 30 seconds of it.

Define your goal

Discuss your campaign with your business, organization, or client(s) – what is it that you want your ad to do? After you establish what you wish to accomplish with your video, your video will be more focused and more likely to succeed.

Capture your audience and make your message clear

Within the first 5 seconds, you must grab the viewers’ attention or else they may skip the ad. Opening the video with something fun, interesting or engaging will increase the likeliness of them staying to hear what you have to say.

Your advertisement needs to support your goal; if you’re trying to get people to come look at your website, encourage the viewers to do so in your video by including the website URL. Tell them what you want them to do with  a clear call to action.



Source: Viewbix.com