How I Stopped Losing Money On Digital Marketing, and Started Making Money Instead…

I did it on a budget, I could afford with a RISK-FREE 30-day trial.

By Dr. Joseph Schaefer, Ph.D. September, 2023

I Am So Frustrated…

I’m tired of paying marketing people for no results.

I don’t know if my marketing person is actually doing anything…I am in the dark.

I keep seeing big numbers and reports, but I am not seeing any new leads, calls, or sales.

I don’t want to even think about how much money I am losing on my digital marketing.

I am clueless about how to make digital marketing work.

I Have Completely Disappeared From Google Searches

I know my competitors are killing it in Google.

Everybody shows up in Google but me.

I have no idea whether I get traffic or not. I have no idea what to do about it.

I can’t keep losing in digital marketing or I will cease to exist.

And The Worst Part Is…

I am paying hard-earned money to somebody… for NO results.

I am no better off after spending money with an agency.

Nobody tells me in plain English what they are doing, just jargon and numbers. I am in the dark.

My Website Traffic Is Dropping To Nothing

My situation gets worse each month…even though I am paying for someone’s help.

I am pretty sure my traffic is all going to my competitors!


You Are Being Lied To Everyday


They are at the top of page one for their most important keywords

They OWN the map listings in the top three positions

Their website (that we built) beats the industry average lead conversion rate by 5x by getting 15% of all visitors to become an email lead.

In other words, they are killing it in their market.


Every day or two this client gets an email just like this one from some digital marketing scammer that claims to have identified their problems and promises a miracle cure.

Obviously they did no research before blasting this email out to a list of hundreds of thousands of emails they scraped from the internet.

I Finally Found An Expert I Could Trust

Dr. Joe said:

“Lets take a few minutes and look at your website, like a visitor sees it, and I want you to understand every step of our process. 

Let’s look at where you are on Google and why you’re NOT showing up higher on the page.

I think you are not communicating to your visitor what truly makes you different.

I know as a small business owner every dollar you spend in marketing needs to make you at least four dollars back.

We take a holistic approach to this problem and we’ll address each of these issues to really change your web marketing future.”

Our secret weapon is Dr. Joe Schaefer, a veteran marketing expert who uses his Ph.D. in neurophysiology to fuel your plan with the science of persuasion.  We confidently challenge you to find another agency that can match our unparalleled expertise and diverse experience.

After That Meeting, I Felt Hopeful

Dr. Joe diagnosed 10 different things that were killing my digital marketing results and he did it in just 30 minutes.

He was so transparent – I actually learned how and why things worked online.

It was the icing on the cake when he told me that I could cancel and get a refund at the end of thirty days if I was unhappy for any reason with our work.


Almost every marketing agency will try hard to sell you on their magical results and secret sauce.

They are happy if they can string you along for 6 months of payments before you fire them.

Most SEO people will promise you the moon, regardless of your actual results.

With most other services you pay only if the work is accomplished. Why should digital marketing be different?

The “poster child” for picking bad SEO companies

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  • Help You Automate Your Follow-Up Communications

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