The amount of money people continue to spend on ads targeted at mobile phones and tablets continues to rise. In fact, the amount of money has doubled every year for several quarters. Recent reports have shown that there has been a 106% increase in money spent on ads for smartphones in the past year – and an increase of even more for tablets at 116%. This indicates that ads targeted at mobile devices are beginning to be favored for paid searches.

The amount of ad impressions and click through rates also grew quite a bit. Impressions were up 104% for tablets, and smartphones were up 82%. Click through rates for both were also impressive, up 91% for tablets and 135% for smartphones. There was additional good news for advertisers, as rates on cost per click went down 13% on smartphones. However, rates for tablets went up 13%.

Google has been leading the pack these days, securing 79.2% of revenue spent on ads, turning the game around on Yahoo and Bing which saw gains earlier this year. The retail sector also appears to be healthy, as paid searches have increased 18% and impressions are up 24%. Interestingly, findings suggest the Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns are actually leading to higher costs on ads and CPCS while also resulting in lower click through rates as more newcomers compete for traffic with existing advertisers. Large companies like iProspect and Adobe have both made note of this trend.


Source: Marketing Charts