There is little debate that mobile computing is here to stay. With more and more consumers turning to mobile devices to do business, it is imperative that web sites and your customer’s retail experience be developed to support mobile devices. With that in mind, there are some basic rules of thumb that you should consider as you design and implement your company’s mobile strategy to improve sales and conversions from mobile devices.


Your web site needs to be optimized for use on a mobile device. If you have difficulty navigating your website from a mobile device, it is unlikely that a customer is going to make a purchase. Of primary importance to your mobile site is the ability to easily and effectively search for products and services. The search function needs to be easily identified and consistently available on all pages.


Mobile users can be impatient, so your site design needs to be lean and compact. Eliminate unnecessary layers of navigation. Use big, colorful buttons that users can easily find and activate. Direct the users quickly to the product of interest. Illustrate the product with clear, large images. Keep forms filling to a minimum. Any forms need to have fields that are easy to fill-out; maximize the use of shortcuts, like drop-down menus, while minimizing the extraneous information. Build forms that capture just the essentials.


In the same vein as easing the use of forms, a good mobile site offers alternative payment options. For example, saving the payment details of returning customers or accepting PayPal accelerates the process and increases the likelihood of a sale. Expedite the check-out process; if a user searches for and views an item, then make it easy for them to add it to a cart for purchase. If there are unnecessary barriers to purchase, you lose sales. Also, if you have a physical store, you can offer in-store pickup to reduce shipping costs and attract local users.


Developing an effective mobile site for your business boosts sales and keeps you in front of more potential customers. Take the time to design and build a quality mobile site and more sales are in your future.



Source: Econsultancy