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Why Motiliti?

Business owners like you have to make hundreds of decisions but we make Digital Marketing a simple one. Our team combines years of Marketing expirence and AI Technology to provide you industry leading prefromance. Motiliti is only SEO agenct that offers you a money back guarantee on our services. We are so confident in that we can drive more conversion to your business that you’ll only pay if it works! Make the  smart choice and choose Motiliti for your business’s digital marketing needs.

14th Years in Texas and Experience From Over 500 Clients

“Motiliti’s Strategy Helped Everything We’re Doing Online”

Motiliti isn’t just a high level SEO agency. They brought a strategic approach to everything we are doing online. They helped refresh our website to get more leads, they overhauled our SEO and helped us understand what was going on behind the scenes in our site analytics. They even coached us on how to follow up on leads for higher closing rates. This was just in the first month. They have the exact kind of leadership we need to reinvent our online marketing.

– Mike G. Vincovi Managed IT


“We Thought All SEO Agencies Were The Same… Then the Leads Starting Pouring In”

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Innovators Since 2008

Dr. Joe Schaefer and Scott Martin have been innovators in web 2.0 technology since 2008. This, together with Dr. Joe’s background as a published PhD neuroscience researcher and Scott’s 30 years creative experience in music and video production, has resulted in a long list of small to medium businesses and celebrities in the sports and entertainment world who have chosen to work with them personally.

“Never Had A Marketing Agency More Devoted To Our Success!”

I founded Island Hearing, which grew to have 110 locations, and then Nexgen Hearing, which grew to 50 locations. In all my 40 years of hearing retail experience, I have never had a marketing agency more devoted to our success than the Dr. Joe and. his team at Motiliti. They handled every aspect of our digital presence and created a truly breakthrough method for capturing new patient leads and appointments. Each year we grew by double digits under their leadership.

Marke Hambley

Marke Hambley built Island hearing with 120 locations which became Connect Hearing and then Nexgen Hearing which grew to 50 locations in just 5 years.

Our Team

Dr Joe Schaefer, PhD

Dr Joe Schaefer, PhD

Co-Founder, Digital Media Strategist, Published Neuroscientist

Joe Schaefer, PhD has a tireless entrepreneurial heart when it comes to business owners and helping them succeed. His background as a neuroscientist, and the rare comfort zone from which he perceives patterns in numbers and data, gives him a uniquely valuable perspective into the trajectory of a given business, and the underlying causes of its course. Joe’s experience as the co-founder of a web marketing agency, and having worked with hundreds of business owners over more than a decade gives him solid footing as a Strategic Business Advisor and digital marketing expert.

In addition to being a seasoned business guide and leader, Joe is an 8th degree black belt in Kung Fu, and has run one of the largest martial arts schools in the country for over 30 years. The strategic sensibilities gained from those decades of practice, combined with his enthusiastic presence as a speaker, author and consultant, makes Joe an asset that business owners across North America have come to trust.

Scott Martin

Scott Martin

Co-Founder, Motiliti Operations

Scott Martin is the creator of the original Motiliti marketing agency concept and its breakthrough product line. His experience in the desktop publishing, print advertising, music and entertainment worlds combined to bring Motiliti into the Web 2.0 revolution. He has advised and helped hundreds of business owners clarify and refine their brand messaging, their goals, and their website visitors’ experience… resulting in hundreds of successful sites with optimized results. Most importantly, Scott applies the highest standards to every project while collaborating with owners to achieve their marketing vision.

He brings his decades of entrepreneurial experience, enthusiasm and creative sensibilities to his role as a co-founder of Motiliti. His combined skills, experience and insight will continue to help business owners achieve their dreams.

April An

April An

Digital Marketing Project Coordinator

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Lead Web Developer

Jozh Martinez

Graphics Design & SEO Specialist

Taylor Schaefer

Taylor Schaefer

Social Media and Paid Search Ads

Our Core Value

We Solve, Not Sell

Web marketing is a complicated process with hundreds of critical moving parts. These parts have to attract your proscpect from a flooded marketplace, bring them to your site, instantly communicate your most powerful message, move them to take and action and then nurture those leads to become new clients.

There are too many other agencies out there that just want to sell you something, regardless of whether it will work for you. In fact, most of these digital marketing products are not going to work for your business or budget. You need a marketing partner that will use the right tool for the job. You need someone who wants to solve your problem — not sell you something.

This is why at Motiliti our core value is to SOLVE, NOT SELL. Our team members work on a principle of “see a problem, fix a problem” and “NEVER sell a client a solution that you don’t think will get them the absolute best results.” This is why our average client has been with us multiple years. They trust us to put their ROI as our highest priority.

Our Clients Get 4 to 5 times the Leads From Their Website

Here Is What “Solve, Not Sell” Looks Like

Dr. Joe Schaefer at Motiliti is a refreshing mix of marketer and entrepreneur and clearly has our interests at heart. All too often, when you are dealing with marketing teams, they want to sell a fairly expensive front-end loaded package without really proving their methodologies. Joe does none of that. Instead, he brings a self-assured belief in the value of his services to the discussion and a clear commitment to letting success prove the method.
We have had two meetings with him to discuss our project. Joe has forwarded us a proposal and we are both very positive about signing it and moving forward.
Bruce Read, April 2021

President, Orange CRM