As social media continues to evolve as the critical element in business marketing strategies, new tools emerge to help marketers stay in the game. To this end, Spredfest recently released Spark, a social media dashboard that allows users to stay abreast of social media conversations and interactions the moment they begin. This ability to monitor the social media stream provides marketers with critical information in shaping how their businesses are viewed, debated, and received.

Spark offers a dashboard to allow customers to stay on top of the social media stream about a company, story, topic, event, or person. As stories emerge, customers can take action, such as re-tweeting or even launching a new story across multiple platforms, without leaving Spark. This allows marketers to identify the right opportunities and take action immediately.

Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron sums up the tool best, stating, ““With Spark…[we are]…giving marketers a solution that includes discovering more moments to market, personalized trending alerts, content-creation inspiration and creative engagement.”


Source: Marketing Land