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online marketing plan needs to be specific and evolving. While this is true throughout the year, there is no better time to revisit your plan than at the start of the New Year. Here are some approaches to improving your marketing plan in 2014.


Emphasize Customer Reviews

2013 saw the rise of services such as Yelp in creating a buzz about a business and driving customers to new ventures. Create a strategy for nurturing positive reviews. Encourage customers to share their positive experiences; create cheat sheets that outline to customers where to post their comments. Offer discounts for participating customers. On the flip side, if you read negative reviews, be sure to address the situation and respond to the situation in a professional manner.

Create More Timely Content

Content marketing is the new king of the block. Create content that users enjoy and can share. High on the list is to use your company blog more effectively. Update the content regularly, but make sure it’s usable and relevant. Your site, if consistently full of new and relevant content, ranks more highly in Google search algorithms. Additionally, good content drives sharing and makes your site a shared resource in your industry.

Be Mobile

Your website must be designed with the mobile experience in mind. The shift to mobile is continuing and you lose business if your content is not fully accessible and useable on all devices. Make sure navigation on mobile devices is simple and that the content is readable. Users who cannot use your content are liable to not come back to your site at a later date.


Much of the above is not new, but it demands repeating. The emphasis today is on content that is relevant and usable, especially from mobile devices. Stay focused on the above and your 2014 marketing efforts will be strong and on-target.


Source: Inc.