Digital video has emerged as a potentially powerful tool for small businesses. A well-designed and produced online video raises brand awareness, increases website traffic, and translates into sales. In fact, the ubiquitous nature of online video allows you to reach a wide swath of potential customers. As you develop your social media campaigns, online video cannot be ignored.

Tim Jensen, a digital media expert, summarizes the trend best, stating, “Almost everyone watches online videos in some form today…. You can reach people at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising, with much more segmented opportunities for targeting.”

Effective video marketing, however, does not create itself. Follow these basic steps as you work to engage your audience.

#1. The Plan

Messaging, production, and delivery issues must be considered before creation. Customize your content based on delivery channels.

#2. Be Concise

You are competing with many other content providers. Keep your audience engaged, but keep your video campaign as short as possible.

#3. Build Relationships

Content creators must focus on connecting with viewers. Advocate for your audience and you build trust with your viewers. This trust translates into continued engagement and sharing of both your campaign and your product.

#4. Measure Objectives

All marketing benefits by having focused, measurable goals. With measurement, you realize the most potential. Specific objectives such as driving new traffic to the website or increasing social engagement on Facebook are measureable. Defining objectives and measuring them allows your video campaign to evolve.


Online videos are increasingly important to all businesses. Take the time to plan your campaign and connect with your audience. With measureable goals, you can evolve and adapt your approach, translating views into more business. And that’s the goals of all campaigns.



Source: Business Daily News