Increasing traffic on your website is necessary for your business or brand to grow. Without visitors you have a product sitting in an empty warehouse. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a technique that can boost the traffic that flows through your website. Finding the right key words to use will allow people to view your website more readily. For example, say you run a Sausage and Hay website. It’s ridiculous but imagine it. You want your website to be the number one Sausage and Hay website so that when people Google “Sausage and Hay” your site pops up. What words would draw in the most number of visitors? Imagine your words are a large net you have to cast into the ocean. The fish drawn to those words will come to your site. They are important.

Be sure to know your customers and the keywords they are using to arrive at your site. In all likelihood those are the keywords that a lot of people are using. Google Analytics is a tool that you can use to see how visitors arrived at your site. Utilizing Google’s Related Searches can help identify more keywords that are related to your original keyword. For example, a few Related Searches for Tree are Tree Types, Tree Rapper, Tree Names, etc. You’ll find these at the bottom of your Google search.

While keywords can be competitive and become tricky, it’s detrimental to your site that you actively seek out the ones that help you most. Programs can be used, such as Google Adwards Keyword Planner, to better help your keyword discovery. Depending on your market it may be difficult to find the right keywords, but with enough understanding and practice you can find the right angles to take so that your site gets all the traffic you need.


Source: Entrepreneur