Search Marketing Experts

Google Certification requires frequent education on the latest “best practices” and methods for achieving the highest level results in the Google advertising platforms. Motiliti has multiple team members that have been certified in virtually all of the certification categories.

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Motiliti Is Google Certified


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Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

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Qualified Web Traffic In 24 Hours

The ways to do this are not mysterious. Recently we took a financial industry client and reduced their cost per lead 300%. How? We optimized their pay per click campaign, doubling their traffic – for half the price – and optimized their site’s conversion, squeezing twice the leads out of the increased traffic. Call if you want to hear the whole story, and find out if we can do the same for you.

Five Steps To PPC Success

Only pay for qualified traffic
Select visitors with specific ad-copy
Lower actual click costs by managing properly
Always track conversions to focus spending
Get the most clicks and leads for your budget
Our Pay Per Click Management:

Is always focused on conversions, not just clicks
Often can save more money that the cost of our service
Generates easy-to-track results and ROI [/list]
You Say “I Will Never Pay For Clicks”

If you have been opposed to the idea of pay per click advertising then you need to reconsider. Take this quick test to see if you are a perfect candidate to become a pay per click success story.

Three Questions To Consider:

Do you have an actual business that is profitable?
Do you understand that real businesses have to pay to acquire new customers?
Is your average customer lifetime value over $100?
If your answer to all three questions is YES , then you are a perfect candidate to try pay per click advertising and transform the future of your business.

What Conversion Rates Can You Expect?

The national average is only 2%.
Click here to view a case study with a 900% change.
We took a client from 1% conversion to 11% in a matter of days, They used pay per click ads to acquire traffic at a cost of hundreds of dollars to get a single lead. Now they are paying a fraction of that amount at a 900% reduction in cost per lead. They also saw a 100% increase in a year to year comparison of new client contracts as a direct result of our work on their campaign.

“Finally, an SEO firm that is ACTION-ORIENTED and DELIVERS results. Motiliti has taken us from the shadows to the spotlight – with significant improvement in our web lead generation, organic search rank, page rank and PPC campaign optimization. They are easy to work with and quick to respond.”
-Kelli Click – President, SDIRA Services

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