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Pay Per Click

Google Paid Search (Pay per click)

Regardless of what you have heard or already think about Google Ads (PPC), the truth is that this has been the greatest invention in the history advertising. At no other time can a small business afford to show up on the same advertising page with the largest brands in the world. At no time could we pay for that advertising on per engagement (click) and know exactly how many we purchased, what they did in our website, how long they visited and whether they became leads or sales.

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Facebook Advertising Could Be Your Secret Weapon

The audience targeting capabilities in Facebook is the real secret to getting high ROI on your digital marketing dollars. You often reach your target audience at lower cost per lead in Facebook than in any other platform. Whereas Google Adwords is capturing the interest of people actively searching for products and services, Facebook catches your prospect’s attention in a platform they spend hours a day looking at. Facebook is no longer a platform for young people. In fact, Facebook’s fastest growing demographic segments are the customers in the Boomer generation.

Only Pay for Qualified Traffic

The precise search that someone types in indicates how close they are to purchase or action. Unless you have an UNLIMITED budget, keyword selection and exclusion is critical to cost-effective digital marketing.


Select Visitors With Specific Ad-Copy

The art of writing good Adwords copy is to bring as much detail forward from your website as possible onto the search results page. This allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and users to make informed decisions. The ad copy itself acts like a filter to select your perfect prospects.

Lower Actual Click Costs by Managing Properly

The CPC (Cost Per Click) can vary based on several different factors. By properly optimizing and managing your campaign our PPC analysts are able to get discounted rates for costly, competitive keywords.

Always Track Conversions to Focus Spending

Understanding what works and what doesn’t work is key to a successful PPC campaign. Conversion tracking allows us to delete the keywords that don’t generate sales and this concentrates your money on the performing keywords.

Get the Most Clicks and Leads for Your Budget

At Motiliti we have 12 years of experience handling clients of all sizes. We can manage your campaign so that you get the most impressions, clicks and conversions for your budget. By getting clicks at lower costs you spend less per click which allows your budget to last longer during the day and that means more clicks for your spend.

Why Paid Search Works

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• Daily budget completely under your control
• Geo-Target down to a one-mile radius
• Reach specific demographics
• You can be VERY specific about search terms your ads show for
• We can write ads that discourage non-qualified visitors from wasting the ad budget
• You can start receiving qualified high-quality traffic within 24 hours from launch
• You can track and optimize, click costs, reach, frequency, and conversion rates

Austin PPC (Pay Per Click) Company

Business owners have ALWAYS needed to purchase traffic and prospects in one fashion or another. However, they have never had this level of transparency and measurability. If you find the concept of paying for each click offensive, then you either haven’t thought this through or you have a hobby and not a business. Our job is to get the clicks at the lowest cost and then help you turn your website into a conversion machine so you can realize the profit from this qualified traffic.

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Austin Facebook Ads Agency

The cost per click and high impact location in the news feed captures attention and creates leads very efficiently in many categories of business. Often times at a cost of less than $10 per prospect call or email lead. Let one of our lead conversion experts help you decide if Facebook will be your company’s secret weapon.

Why Advertise on Facebook

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• Does not rely on posting to your Facebook account
• Does not require you even have a Facebook account
• Does not require you have any followers
• Reach very specific target audiences
• Extremely accurate geographic targeting
• Budgets as low as $5 a day are possible
• Will bring new followers to your company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts
• You can send clicks to any landing page you want.

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