As you already know, conversion rates on your landing pages need to be maximized for the greatest marketing return. The difference between a page that converts 10% and one that pushes to 15% or more is a huge difference in revenue. How you portray your brand on a landing page will have a large impact on the effectiveness of that goal. Trust and personality can become key differentiators among the competition.

You have precious few seconds to capture the interest of a target hitting your landing page and the manner in which the information is received will be determined in those few fleeting glances. Color of a landing page has a greater impact on perception than you might imagine. It can trigger a response in an instant. Red, for example, has been shown to increase the heartbeat of the viewer. This may be effective when attempting to garner a sense of urgency or requiring an immediate action.

Grey, black and white demonstrates professionalism, and blue can generate feelings of trust and security. When looking to portray an environmentally conscious response, consider green, white and browns. When targeting a gender, female viewers respond to purple, white and beige, and males are more likely to find black, gold and red as receptive.

It is also a strategy to include images of people on the landing page as well. The facial expression of the image has just as much impact on the message as the text it implies. Having a photo of a real person can increase conversion rates by as much as 50% over that of featuring a model. Your customers want to identify with people who look like their neighbor, or even themselves.

These few examples of landing page strategy may have a profound impact on the difference between revenue or someone leaving the page quickly.