If you are marketing through social media, online advertising, or SEO optimization, you are making an attempt to establish your brand, your product, or your service. Your web marketing efforts should clearly reflect your own personality and should make your company stand out from the crowd. When you interact with famous companies, their specific brand and their personal distinctions result in consistent loyalty. Political campaigners attract voters largely through their personalities. Putting your personality into your company and web marketing efforts will yield similar loyalty.

Most customers do not want to be “sold to” and do not want to simply interact with a company. Instead, they want to interact with and be cared for by other humans. That is why your web marketing strategy should include an effort to “humanize” your company.

Include an “about us” section on your website and explain who you are as a person, not just as a professional: what hobbies do you have? How many children do you have? Where did you graduate from? This personal information helps customers understand the humans behind the website and reassures them they are interacting with other people.

On social media campaigns, use stories to catch the attention of customers. Facebook and Instagram posts should reflect what makes you human instead of coming across as robotic or informational. Studies show that people usually remember stories better than they do information, especially if they are given a visual reference like a picture or video to accompany it. Stories are great ways of personalizing your company and earning the loyalty of customers.

Stock photos have had their importance throughout the past 15 years, but are becoming obsolete. Although stock photos provide convenience, they reduce the personality of a company and create an insincere appearance to prospects. Take your own photos and post them on social media.