Email is key to most any marketing these days. Fifty years ago advertisers could have only dreamed of such a personal way to contact their consumers. The only problem with email is that more and more people are using it as a marketing tool. As a result, emails have a high chance of never being read or even being seen. Certain things to consider can help you get your email through any spam folder and successfully reachin the inbox of the consumer.

The subject line is important. Something that will catch the reader’s eye but is not too over zealous is ideal. You do not want to fall into the category of other cheesy spam mail. It needs to be concise and considerate of the recipient.

Great content can help ensure the validity of your email. It should sound like a person has written the email. If personality doesn’t come through the page, odds are it will sound too robotic and spam-like for any recipient. Also, be sure that your content is not overloaded with images and links. This is unsettling to the eyes and also may be snatched up by the spam filter.

Informing your recipients about your emails and encouraging them to keep your address out of the spam folder helps build trust and ensures your email gets through. Don’t promote advertisers with b ad reputations. This will reflect poorly on you and your emails can quickly become blacklisted, as people are constantly trying to manage what will come in and what will go out.

It may not be rocket science, but email marketing is an art that should be considered before you lose your audience. Value and understanding can help ensure that you are not just throwing emails away into the dreaded spam box.


Source: Social Media Today