Tips for successful connections with would be mentors, clients or contributors.


The real networking that is done at a networking event really occurs AFTER the event is over, when you follow up with those you met. Following up is a rarity of itself, but you can make the follow up more meaningful with these few simple tips and make use of that  collection of business cards you obtained at the event.

1. Set a good tone. Keep it light, but professional.

2. Remark on something memorable. If they did something interesting or memorable at the event, a marketing gimmick for instance, remark on it. If it was clever, it deserves the attention.

3. Help them remember you. Mention something the two of you discussed, or something specific they said, to show that you remember the meeting and would like to know more.

4. Pay them a sincere compliment. Don’t sound cheesy or sycophantic, just compliment some ideology of theirs or method of business to make it clear why you think you should continue the interaction.

5. Macy’s and Gimble’s them? This refers to the old film, “Miracle on 34th Street” wherein one department store rose to the head of the pack by recommending other stores when the customer couldn’t find what they wanted at their store. As an event coordinator it’s a good idea to connect people from the event who seem a good fit, but even if you just attended – it’s a great idea to refer others with services useful to your new acquaintance.

6. Set up the next meeting. Arrange a get together for coffee or lunch and let them know you look forward to seeing them again and continuing the discussion.


Source Article:

Don’t Waste Another Networking Opportunity: 6 Tips for Following Up by Matthew Toren