There is hardly a business online that is not trying to develop or start a social media campaign.  If a business owner doesn’t have a Social Media presence then they are certainly suffering from Social Media Envy.  Their response to this panic is to start a Twitter or Facebook account and start posting about every sale, office party and new product release. This leads to the next phase of confusion which is “why isn’t this doing anything for our sales?”

Bad Social Media Manners Keeps You From:

  • Actually Being Listened To By Anybody
  • Building An Audience
  • Generating Website Traffic
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Brand Recognition

 Every Party Has One….Is It You?

If you imagine Social Media as a conversation at a party, then this type of self-promoting social media approach is exactly the same as a person standing in the corner talking about how great they are to a crowd of people ignoring them. To be more specific,  the crowd might listen for a few minutes out of politeness, but then they would walk away as quickly as they could. They will tell their friends to steer clear of that person, who never gets invited to another party.


Be Good Party Guest

To stay with the “in-crowd” you need to listen for some time first. Everybody wants listeners so just standing there will increase your popularity with the crowd. If you stand there long enough you will eventually get a chance to say something that others will listen to. Then you might get invited to the next party. After several parties, the crowd will realize that you have an investment in the group and start to listen more. Eventually you will start to influence the topic and tone of the conversation.


Will You Be Forgiven?

During your conversation you can mention yourself, but not too much. The group will forgive that kind of thing only a few times before they make sure you don’t get invited again. In the social media world this is the same as being ignored. You might not lose followers, but you will lose all interactions, mentions, re-tweets, favorites, or additions to lists.