All businesses need better exposure. Creating and maintaining a social media profile is essential in today’s market. Your social media profile is simply an extension of your brand and a necessary component of your overall marketing, and customer service strategies. Additionally, a comprehensive and timely social media profile improves your search engine optimization (SEO), thereby allowing more people to discover your services and products.

Each social media profile is a landing page for your brand. Be consistent across your profiles to ensure brand recognition. Social media links and interaction are an important part of a website’s search rankings. With this in mind, you want to use a variety of social media signals to generate traffic and raise awareness of your site. As always, quality of content, expertise of authorship, and a pleasing user experience combine to improve your visibility. However, your site now needs to make it easy to share content with others. Have buttons available to allow visitors to recommend, like, and repost content as well as to connect easily to your social media profiles such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, maintain a relevant blog that is updated regularly and easily accessible to visitors.

Your social media profile requires regular work. Create an editorial calendar or schedule for posting regularly, with a focus on quality, not quantity. Be social by networking with others, making online friends to build new connections and relationships. Be sure to make your content shareable and accessible. Use metrics and analytics to guide future development. Monitoring behavior tells you what content is being shared and what content is not working. You can eliminate or revamp content that is not useful.

Social media is here to stay and will continue to evolve. Get involved with creating and maintaining your social media profiles. Your brand and your business are at stake.



Source: Adobe Systems