Currently, the SEO strategy that works best, and will continue to work in the future with all the Google updates, is a fusion of traditional SEO (link building and website coding) with content marketing via Social Media. Let’s take a moment to understand this process. With content marketing, your company builds an online BRAND as a curator of valuable content. Out team searches everyday for valuable articles, lists, data, studies, etc. about topics interesting to your most likely customers. We use these seed ideas to create unique content, commentary articles and article abstracts that are all posted in your website. We then use Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ to build an audience for your company and draw that audience to the content we’ve placed in your site. Your audience loves the constant flow of relevant information and Google loves the traffic to your site and the TEN pages of fresh content added to your site every week. These days you must have 30 or more pages in your site to even compete for position. This process adds 40 pages of fresh, non-duplicate content to your site each and every month! When you’re ready to add more value to your site, please fill out the form to the right.