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Complete Digital Marketing Services

Marke Hambley, hired Motiliti in 2013 to manage every aspect of digital marketing presence for his new company, Nexgen Hearing. He started with 3 locations and along with Motiliti grew at mulitple times the industry standard rate until he had over 50 location through British Columbia. 

Motiliti Handled:

Social Media
Pre-Roll Video
Website Development
Video Marketing
Campaign Strategy

 Have Never Seen This High Level Of Service

“In 30+ years of business I have never seen the level of dedication and service provided by the team at Motiliti. They are responsible for 60% year to year growth when our industry is only growing by a fraction of that.”

Thank Motiliti, Marke Hambley, FOunder CEO, Nexgen Hearing

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Lead Capture

We have launched many campaigns that bring traffic from Google and Facebook to a landing page or microsite that converts the visitors to leads and then sales. Our clients typically end up paying $10-$25 per lead. These are unlike generic purchased leads. These visitors are deciding to take action specifically with your brand and service.

Landing pages


Automotive Industry

For 7 years we generated up wards to 100,000 leads per year for Chrysler dealers across Canada. We used a combination of email marketing (1 million email per month), Google traffic and Facebook ads to generate traffic and leads through interactive landing page sites.

Email marketing
Facebook Ads
Landing pages
Programmtic ads


National Jewelry Retailer

We increased holiday sales for this 100 store national retail chain. Coming in to the holiday season they were down 7% and we used pre-roll video and programmtic display ads to increase salesresponse givewaway and sales strategy. We managed over a quarter million dollars in digital advertising in just a 30 day period.

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