Creating a successful website for sales or lead conversion is a long and complicated process. There are not just 5 or 10 steps and changes to the website after it goes live, there are at least 50 to 100 steps to create a winning strategy. In the weeks following our own new video marketing website, going live, I made several major changes each day to adjust traffic flow, conversion rates, visit times and number of pages visited. It is funny to think how everybody who looked at our site before it went live commented about how much nicer it was than the old site. This is where most business owners stop. Friends and family tell them their new site is cool.

There is only one expert on your website and it’s the visitors themselves. They are NEVER wrong and their visit behavior will tell you everything you ever need to know. It will tell you what no marketing research company can tell you. It tells you what the unobserved, living, breathing visitor likes and doesn’t like about your offering.

The likely hood that you will succeed online is directly related to how willing you are to subjugate your own wishes and desires to those of the people visiting your website. This is a road that you cannot see the end of. It is dark and mysterious. It frightens any but the most bold becuase it has no security, only uncertainty. The only guarantee you can have is that you will do what it takes to make your site a success, but you can’t guarantee what the final version of that will look like.

Dr. Joe Schaefer, 4/12/2012