For most businesses, it is clear that information technology, the Internet, and social media have radically altered how we receive, deliver, and share information. However, the companies and departments for shaping most business communication strategies are not evolving in time with these changes. A recent study of major marketing professionals concluded that many agencies are having a difficult time adapting to the changes brought on with the digital revolution, resulting in marketing strategies that not integrated or robust enough to meet the challenges of the new business landscape.

One stumbling block for many agencies is the trend to compartmentalize the online or digital professionals in their own department. Hiring marketers with good online experience is fine, but if their expertise is not fully integrated into more traditional departments, then the resulting strategies developed are less effective and efficient. The agencies that can integrate internally are those that will create integrated strategies as well.

The goal of an agency is to support and drive business. In the new economy, agencies are being held accountable for their efforts. Therefore, it is essential that you understand the methods for measuring success. You have to be able to know a client’s key performance indicators and prove how marketing efforts are driving more business. Metrics are paramount in the new economy.

The new landscape of business demands that marketing agencies evolve more rapidly or face extinction. In today’s world, even a small agency of a few people can be effective if they act as an integrated whole, know their client’s needs, and have quality approaches to measuring effectiveness. The days of the large advertising agencies may be numbered, but the need for powerful marketing is greater than ever. The motto of the marketing world could well be “adapt or perish.”


Source: Social Media Today