Utilizing a .net or .org domain extension is a great way to obtain search engine traffic. It works because of a process called navigational search. This process entails the knowledge of search engines to show results based on people’s queries for specific sites. Popular web browsers, like Google and Bing, use this type of mechanism, so you can easily get long-tail terms despite having very little content on your site. You just have to have an exact match domain name.

Another perk of having a .net or .org domain name is the price. Most exact match domain names can snatch up a .net or .org for just the cost of registration. Even those considered as premium domain names can be haggled down, as there may be a large inventory.

As with any decision, the pros and cons need to be weighed. Ultimately, your domain name should reflect the context of your site’s goals. Purchasing names like this suggests that you aren’t concerned with name recognition and branding, but rather internet traffic. If you or your company are interested in brand, then you should get a .com version of your domain name as soon as possible. It’s wise to do this because most individuals interested in you or your business will just type the brand name followed by a .com. From a link building standpoint, you can get more lifts just by people linking to your domain name.

If you are looking to use a .net or .org domain name, .org names tend to have SEO over the .net ones. Both become more sellable when they break the top 10. This rings especially true for affiliate fields and lead generations, as these individuals may be prohibited from buying PPC ads.

Many businesses will regularly invest in ranking websites with the intention to revamp them, knowing that certain keyword combinations have enough conversion and capacity to be profitable. Choosing the right domain name can get you noticed by these businesses and can get you some very alluring results.

Image Source: Flickr