Social Media Simplified…Still Gets Results

“The Taoist Master Chuang Tse Says…”


“Knowledge is limitless and a lifetime is limited. Only a fool pursues the limitless with the limited”

Two thousand years ago this Chinese master was talking about Social Media. Well not really, but he might as well have been. Social Media is a virtual time vortex. You will never get to “clock out” in your Social Media work. You will also know with utter certainty that you could do more work, stay up later at night, skip other more important work.


The Solution

The Solution is to have a clear goal in mind. If your goal is to impact your search rankings then congratulations, you don’t Media and Content Marketing are relatively defined.

Step 1- Gather An Audience 

Step 2- Curate Content Of Value In Your Site Or Blog

Step 3- Share Links To That Content In Social Media

Repeat Daily

The size of the audience and amount of fresh content you need depends on the level of SEO competition you are fighting against. If you have no way of measuring that, then start small and build up when you don’t see enough change in the search positions. If you use this method then you will never over-shoot the work necessary to get the results you need. The possibility for diminishing returns in your Social Media efforts are a BIG danger. The biggest trap is that you can convince yourself that you are working on your marketing the entire time and adding value to your company, when there may be very little ROI for all that extra time spent.


How Much Time Are We Talking About?

It will take less time for the results to start showing up than you expect. However, it will take much more time every day than you thought to do Steps 1, 2, and 3 above. Be ready to spend at least 1-2 hours per day on Social Media and Content Marketing.


Change Happens Fast

30 Days after Content Marketing began, the graphs below show a HUGE increase in the number of pages Google crawls each day in a website. At the same time this happened, the website moved up higher in search positions for several competitive search terms. This results in a 3-fold traffic increase for those keywords.