You may see several articles, seminars, marketing books and etc that try to tell you that all your business needs is to have quality content. Have good online content, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. And while it’s true that having good content helps, the truth is: good content will do nothing for you unless you promote it.


Once you create something- say it’s a video, or an article- there’s no guarantee that people will see it. It may be an incredible piece of content, but that won’t matter unless it’s easily accessible and has hundreds of views from your target audience. Google, Youtube, and etc. are extremely crowded websites. A video or article you’ve published can get lost within seconds, buried under hundreds of new ones every minute. In order for your content to work for you, and reach the people you want it to reach, you have to market and promote it incessantly.


The good news is, there are a lot of ways to do that. First, when creating and publishing your content, tag it, create ads, etc. for as many keywords as possible. A video, for instance, should be tagged with whatever you think someone may be looking when you want them to find your video. Include very specific tags, as well as generic ones- and maybe even some common misspellings of tags that people type. Once you’ve published whatever content you have, share it everywhere. Post it on all of your social media platforms- and if you don’t belong to many, sign up now. Share it the most on websites where your target audience is likely to be. Everyone is on Facebook, for instance, so post it on your company’s page. Send it out in an email blast. Put it on your blog, and etc.


Having good content is great- but you need people to see it in order for it to work. Don’t believe the lie that the quality of your content is all that matters- instead, promote your content everywhere and draw in as much of an audience as possible.