If you’re not already creating online video content for marketing, you could be missing out on a huge part of the industry. Video is an enormously growing medium of content, and there are hundreds of ways to get your message out there. Here are just a few strategies for doing so.


First, focus on getting people to click on your video. A lot of factors go into this- your thumbnail should be attention-grabbing. Your title should be informative and interesting. Your tags and keywords need to cover everything that a viewer could search to get to your video. If you don’t concern yourself with these things, you may never get more than a few views on one video.


After creating and publishing an attention-grabbing video, turn to social media to spread the message. Almost everyone is on Facebook, for instance- publish your content there, encourage friends to spread it, put it on your business’ page. In addition to Facebook, use new platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and etc. Just know your target audience, and post your content anywhere they might want to find it.


You may want to look into new features like having live video, as well. Create an event around it- advertise the upcoming live stream on various social media, get people excited about it, have something new to say to your viewers. This is especially relevant on Facebook, where live video is becoming increasingly common.


Finally, throughout all of this, you need to know about analytics, and your target demographics. Spend time looking at who watches your videos, how long they watch them for, where they find them, and etc. This will help you to create more content for your demographic, while also trying to appeal to other new demographics.


Follow these strategies, and create some of your own-video content is a fairly new marketing platform, so now is the time to experiment and create some of your own rules. As long as you’re getting people to watch your videos and spread them around to others, you’ll see your traffic and success steadily increase over time.