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A few new trends have been shifting online advertisement as of late, and are predicted to have a high impact on the future of paid search. Regardless of the specific search engine, these changes will definitely be the start of newer and bigger trends.

One noticeable difference in the way that ads are viewed is the use of mobile browsing. On top of the growth of sites like Google Shopping, which are filled with advertisements and third-party sites, the overall presence of ads on all search engines has increased. PLAs account for 38 percent of retailers and often show up first when a user searches for anything in a search engine. It is easier now than ever for search engines to pinpoint exactly which results will interest and draw in visitors. This allows for more relevant and numerous PLAs for visitors to navigate through.

Local Inventory Ads, or LIAs, are another way that advertisement is becoming more significant in search engines. Unlike Google Shopping, which is designed specifically for advertising product, LIAs allow for advertisements to appear on the main search engine. LIAs are used in order to point out how close a specific store and product is to the user rather than provide general search results. These more personal and precise results make ads easier to respond to and will surely be useful at raising revenue.

Advertising within apps is another trend that is becoming more popular. As the line between apps and desktop browsing blurs, the options for paid search are expanding greatly. Although universal app campaign advertising is limited at the moment, the ways through which advertisement can reach potential customers can only increase in the future.

Other growing trends, such as natural language search and paid messenger ads, are additional ways of searching that can be used to advertise. With so many different trends become more popular and efficient, paid search is sure to evolve into something much more interesting and significant.