When it comes to live tweeting, having informative content in a timely manner is critical for a successful marketing effort. The purpose of live tweeting is to build an audience, increase target engagement and connect with your user-base so you need to keep a few best practices in mind before you set out to conquer the twitter-sphere.

Live tweeting happens during an event like a tradeshow, major public gathering or even a popular television show. In this world of instant information, audiences are looking for a deeper experience and live tweeting is the opportunity for discussion through social media to feel as if participating in the event. Perfect examples are during the Oscars or season finale of a show such as The Walking Dead.

When live tweeting, use a hashtag associated with that event if it already exists, such as #Oscars2014 or #WalkingDead. This will connect you with the audience you are trying to engage with and make you a part of the event.

Quote sources as they occur in real-time. This helps an audience stay informed as to what is going on and they will begin to look to you as a knowledgeable source for up-to-date information.

Describe what is happening in the event by painting a picture. People want to visualize what you are seeing and may not be at the event or watching the show. You can even use photos if appropriate.

Don’t flood the event with tweets. Be strategic in what you post and when. You don’t want to begin sending out so much information or comments that it will make you a nuisance. There is nothing more bothersome than a multitude of tweets in rapid succession that cannot be absorbed. Keep notes and look for the sweet spots to tweet your brand or service.



Source: Socialmediatoday.com