SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing) are complicated. Compartmentalizing each varying factor and attacking is a good way to start. When we consider social media’s role in SEO and SEM, it’s important to understand complications arise within the setup. What do you need to consider when setting up a Facebook account for your company? You cannot simply start a Facebook for John’s Toilets and watch your web site’s SEO rise. Here are a few tips for the varying social networks:

Facebook: Google’s algorithms will pick up on activity on your Facebook page. A good bio will help, as that information is cataloged. Posting on your website is not enough. Technically, that does very little. It’s how people respond (the frequency of likes, comments, etc.) An active Facebook page leads to positive SEO results. How can you make your Facebook more exciting? What can bring people back?

Google+: An active google+ page will pop up in searches. Similar to Facebook, the amount of reviews and +1s will help.

Check-Ins: This is an unusual way to get Google’s algorithms to respond. Customers checking in with Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, or another app can really give your company SEO value. You want to be able to motivate your customers to check in, offering up rewards or incentives to do so. This creates a sense of loyalty and fun.

Reviews: Getting a great number of reviews and positive reviews is helpful. The restaurant with a thousand reviews, all very positive, is probably ranked higher than the restaurant with thirty seven mediocre reviews. Maybe try asking the customers you know to go on Yelp or wherever and give you positive reviews.

SEO will help you reach potential customers, while also connecting and stabilizing relationships with current customers. Being positive and open minded to the process, while understanding the needs of the customers and the value of your mission are key.





Photo source: flickr