A well crafted video can effectively increase your business’s productivity, profit, and over-all image. The video can serve a variety of purposes, depending on how you’d like to utilize it. It can raise brand awareness, explain a product, build trust, serve as a kick starter, recruit, provide customer support, etc. What are your goals? How do you see your company as a brand? A video can serve these goals and more, if you’d like. Keep in mind the importance of minimalism. An overbearing video with convoluted messages and poor direction will leave your audience scratching their heads. In fact, there are a number of things to consider when tackling this kind of project. Here are some tips for developing worthy content for your video.

Know Your Audience. Be sure you know who you are speaking to and why. What kind of information does your audience need? What kind of tone will prove most efficient?

Engage! How can you engage your audience? You don’t want a boring video that causes your customers to fidget. The structure of your message/story should be constructed in an engaging, time-worthy way.

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity. It’s important to be clear and precise in your message. If you’ve got a confusing message, odds are you’ve got a confused audience unwilling to receive your message.

Be Authentic. An audience can pick out a contrived video. Nobody wants to believe in the product or message that comes across as fake. Be sure the authenticity of your message is clear and concise, ensuring that your voice or the voice of your company comes through organically.

Call to Action. What do you want the audience to do in response to your video? Would you like them to contact you, buy the product, share, subscribe? What ever it is, be sure to include a way for them to take action after they’ve completed the video.