Video Marketing For 2nd Graders

Sales tool or cure for illiteracy?

One question about video marketing is whether or not it contributes to increased sales in a website. There is certainly a prevailing opinion out there that “people don’t read anymore”. The solution to this is usually to plan to get some video in your website. This implies that the function of video is that of a 2nd grade teacher, where the students aren’t good readers either. The teacher’s job is often to read aloud to the students. Is that really what you think video marketing in a website is for?

 Video vs. Reading
In terms of bandwidth, or efficiency of the transfer of information, video is many times slower than reading text content. Not only can we read faster than video, but also we can skip, skim and browse information very quickly. Video is usually presented with a sequential presentation and doesn’t allow the same kids of sampling. Video will never be able to rival the speed and efficiency of just plain reading.

However there is still a powerful use for video in your website marketing. The shift is going from Push to Pull. This means that more and more people are intolerant of information being pushed onto them. They instead will opt for websites and forums where they can PULL information to themselves, when they want it. Video Marketing in the new age, will need to present short, valuable service walk-thrus and presentations that a visitor can view…when they want.

Information is a Commodity
Gone are the days of the 15-minute version of the company brochure. Well actually they are still out there, but nobody apart from the executive team is looking at them. When information is commoditized, in other words when a thousands of websites can give the exact same pricing, background information and indeed, level of service as you do, then the only way you can succeed is to present the information in the way most attractive to the web surfers of 2012.

The Jaded Millions
The searcher in 2012 has an overwhelming number of sites to look at. They go into your site with the firm belief that you do not have what they are looking for. They are not jaded, they are realistic. There are millions of websites clamoring for their attention, to sell them something. The chances are very low that any particular site will exceed their low expectations.

The Grim Reaper (otherwise called the Back Button)

Will your website surprise them or send them to the “back button” in 2 seconds or less? You can use video marketing to solve this issue, but it is not a cut and paste, one-size-fits all solution. It takes some knowledge, the kind that comes from the data from hundreds of client websites.