If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how effective a properly produced video can be for getting your business message across in today’s media-saturated arena. The tools for video production are more affordable and you can distribute how video by embedding it in directed emailing campaigns. However, an effective video is only as good as the foundation of its creation, so keep the following key ideas in mind as you expand your communication strategies.


Equipment: Get The Best

The price of equipment varies widely and so does what you get for your dollar. Do your research and always buy the best you can afford. Going cheap with your equipment only means limitations down the road.

Content: Shorter Is Sweeter

Research indicates that you need to keep your audience’s attention with videos no longer than 1-2 minutes. If the story you need to tell is longer, consider breaking the videos into shorter segments. You want to grab the attention of your audience, but not usurp their time.

Video Hosting: Simple And Free

While you can embed videos as attachments, you can also consider using services such as YouTube to host your files. Using a host lets you send simple links within your email campaigns and the storage of the content is typically free.


As you consider adding video content to your marketing strategy, think across your company as to the variety of content to consider. Training course, product demonstrations, promotions, and testimonials are all likely candidates to consider. With the proper equipment and production, incorporating video into emails is an effective means of drawing clients and customers. Know your business, target your audience, and watch your business soar.