3 SEO Reasons To NOT Use Youtube

Youtube is not the only free option out there for posting videos in your website or online. Using several cross-platform compatible players that are also free, you can post the video right in your website and stream it from the web-server or your own CDN account. There are three distinct benefits in terms of Video SEO when you post video in your own site.

1-Like Each Individual Snowflake

When you embed content in your site, then it is not shared across the internet. It can only be found in your site. You won’t be competing with Youtube for traffic relating to your own video.

2-All Trafic Comes To You

This one is simple. What would you rather have, lots of traffic to your youtube channel or lots of traffic to your website?

3-All Links Point To You

All links to this video, either by you in the social media or in shared links by others will point to you site. So rather that building a reputation for your youtube channel, you are pointing to your “money site”.

Concerns and Solutions

One concern is bandwidth. if your web-hosting account provides a CDN service (which many do) then you’re golden. Otherwise, you might have some additional bandwidth usage charges. This is especially true if you hit the Viral content jackpot. The 3rd party source, Wistia provides a player and hosting solution together. They even have some customization options for the player to allor for analytics and lead capture.

MAKE SURE: Don’t forget to include the sahring embed code you offer visitors so that you get a link back to your site when they post the video in their own content marketing campaign.

Video SEO

You will want to use a video sitemap, thumbnail images and keywords. This is after all the reason you proabsaly are doing Videos anyway, to bring more traffic. These elements are essential. If you are in Word Press, there are some plugins to help with this other wise look to Google for best practices for Video Sitemap configuration.

The Long Tail Option

When you create pages with content about a Long Tail Search term, and the page has video embedded as well, you stand a much better chance of ranking. Remember that if your video is posted in your site and in youtube, your site will never be able to out-compete Youtube for ranking; the traffic will go to youtube.


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