When you sit down to write your video script for your onsite actor, you need to realize that your web visitor doesn’t want to see a video, listen to a greeting, hear about your company, or be sold to. They want to quietly slip in and out of your site. They want to quickly find the one or two websites that seem to hold the promise of the information they need. If your video spokesperson doesn’t help them immediately decide to stay by saying something surprisingly relevant, they will most surely leave. You wanted to get them to stay longer and you force them to bounce even faster. Don’t worry, the odds are good that they would have left anyway, you just hurried their departure.

It seems cruel to say these things about your website, but the reality is that somebody will most likely look at 10 or more sites to find the one they spend time with. That means that the odds are very much against you. You have at least 90% chance that they WILL NOT stay in your site. Do this experiment.


Open up all of the google page one competitor websites in separate tabs on your browser and make sure your website is also one of the tabs. Then rapidly go between all the tabs and compare your site to the others.

1-Does your site compel people to stay and take action over and above all the rest?

2- Is your product/service and unique offer clear in the first 5 seconds or even 2 to 3 seconds of the visit?

3- Does your site have an overwhelmingly obvious “next step” in the website or does the visitor have a bunch of options that look equally attractive.


Make sure your video script covers these bases and make sure that your site is clear and compelling. This is at least a good start. As far back as 1920 or so when Claude Hopkins wrote his masterpiece, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING, the advertising world already started realizing this frightening truth.


You will never understand why anything works in advertising. You have to test and adapt until you hit the most successful version. This became the ultimate process in the age of Search Engine Marketing. Claude Hopkins would have thought he had died and gone to Heaven when he could test, measure, re-test, measure and adapt new techniques all in 24 hours at next to no cost. He made many men millionaires 100 years ago without this speed of results, so what is your excuse?