One of the most abused words of the past 20 years (since the dawn of the internet) is the word “research”. Having personally earned my Doctorate in Neurophysiology, it is offensive to have the same word used by somebody just reading opinion and non-reviewed stories on the internet. I hear people say everyday, “I researched that on the internet”, but what they mean is “I read some words on a website about that.”  Research has an entirely different meaning. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue except these same people still give the word “research” the same heavy duty meaning as if they had spent years in a lab testing the laws of nature and then submitted it all to a group of experts on the same subject for peer-review.

What does this have to do with spokesperson video? Before the age of the internet the word spokesperson meant something special as well. A business, with pride in the service and ethics that they carried into the marketplace, hired a person to represent their company to the world via TV, radio or print media. The spokesperson INCREASED the appeal, recognition, professionalism and overall reputation of the business.

Now let’s talk about the video spokesperson world online. The concept, like the word “research” has been reduced to a shadow of it’s former self. In fact, now online marketers consider this to be nothing more than a tech gadget or widget. I hear them saying several times a week, “my site just needs to be spiced up”. I can tell you that if you feel you are the BEST in some area of service or product, then your spokesperson needs to be the very BEST you can find. This person is on the front lines for your business, and comes in contact with your clients before anybody else, including you. You will be judged by how WELL – or well they do NOT convey  your message.

The average person is exposed daily to the best special effects, 3-D, academy award winning actors and directors. In fact, even a proud Dad can make a movie about his kid’s birthday party with iMovie that would rival some major productions from 30 years ago. This means that anything less than professional looks ridiculous. If your spokesperson is PERFECT, that just means that they will fade away as a gadget and the message will come shining through. But if the spokesperson is a bargain basement actor with bad lighting and poor audio, you will have a hard time convincing that visitor ever again that your business is not a mom and pop operation who is unable to tell the difference between cheap and quality. My advice is to keep looking till you find the very best talent you can find within your budget. You will know you made the right choice when you feel proud and excited to send people to see your new spokesperson. You will know you chose wrong when you quickly make excuses and say, “ I thought the site needed a little flash, you know…pizzaz.” This will be followed by the removal of your video from your site within a month or so.