Is This Even Possible?

We are all looking for ways to increase our conversion rates immediately. Rather than constantly increasing our budget to bring more traffic, it is wise to spend money to increase the conversion rate and therefore, the effective use of that traffic. Video is not always the answer to a conversion rate problem, but in some industries and lead generation processes, video can cause MIRACULOUS increases in conversion rates.  The following [case study] details one such use of video in a lead capture website.

Website and Video Background

We studied a lead capture website used for gathering leads from traffic seeking information and possible legal assistance. They complete a form to get a white paper instantly through an autoresponder. The home page has a prominent opt-in form with a clear call to action, description of the white paper and the language “get this information in 5 seconds”.

Our Test Protocol

The client ran one month without a video spokesperson and then one month with an auto-playing video spokesperson briefly describing the white paper and how fast they would get the white paper.   Video – Female Spokesperson, 55 second script, displayed automatically on home page load, bottom right of browser. Video Content – Outlined the urgent need for information and action on the part of the visitor and then offered free information in the form of a white paper delivered seconds after they complete the form. No changes were made in the home page between the two months of the test, apart from the addition of the video in month two.

Results (543% Increase In Conversion Rate)

Month One (No Video) Visits to home page = 5500  (new visitor component only, search and PPC traffic) Opt-In Leads = 60 Conversion Rate 1.09% Month Two (With Video) Home Page Visits = 7180 (new visitor component only, search and PPC traffic) Opt-In leads = 420 Conversion Rate = 5.9%


First, it’s obvious that with a conversion rate of only 1%, the client’s home page was not optimized for conversions. However, this also made for a great test of the usefulness of a video spokesperson.  The length of video is considerably longer than is normally effective, but this also indicates the urgency of the topic since the average viewing duration for the viewer was 50 seconds out of a total of 55 seconds. The topic and strategy may also indicate when the use of a video spokesperson is still effective. Visitor Behaviors The video caused 10% increase in bounce rate, 15% drop in pages per visit and 30% drop in visit duration. All told this would be interpreted as a detriment to web conversions without a lead conversion process to measure. Fewer people stay and for shorter periods of time, but the ones who stayed filled out the lead capture form 5 times more often.


Like any media, the use of a spokesperson walk on video is neither bad nor good. It can be effective on a case by case basis. Value judgements about what people like and don’t like on the internet often have little or no bearing on what generates revenue.

Why Is Video Spokesperson Dying Fast?

Google trends (graph to right) show that searches for “Video Spokesperson” are 30% of their maximum search volume in 2009. It is obvious that auto-playing, walk on spokesperson video is rapidly disappearing from the internet.

What’s The Reason?

Are people losing interest in spokesperson video because it performs poorly for conversions, or because it has become un-popular? Not everything that works well is popular. Look at TV commercials . Nobody really likes them and yet they have been cost-effective advertising for more than 50 years. In fact, we would all abolish TV ads if we could in order to see our entertainment un-interrupted. They are annoying, but they work. Author, Dr Joe Schaefer is a published Neuroscience researcher who turned his attention to web marketing 10 years ago. He is the Co-Founder of Motiliti Inc and the co-creator of Live On Page® Video.