The world of web design and digital marketing is always changing, and over the span of a year, interesting new trends and patterns can develop in how websites present themselves. This has been especially prevalent in 2016, as today’s designers, advertisers, and etc. are constantly stepping it up to really connect with a potential viewer. Here are just a few of the common themes and trends found in today’s web marketing and design.

Visual Content
One obvious but very important trend is the use of images and video, rather than text. The text is still there, of course, but is now expected to have accompanying visual content to draw your viewers in. It’s important to find places where something can be said better with a video or an image, and then create that content. Visitors to your website will be hooked in by the visuals, and will then stick around the read the text for more information.

And videos, more specifically, are especially common in 2016 when it comes to explaining a company or a product. These explainer videos are becoming a go-to for websites to tell potential customers who they are in a visually appealing way. Because of that rising popularity, your company should focus on something that can make your videos stand out in the crowd.

Mobile Features
Five years ago, you probably could have gotten away with not having a well-functioning mobile site. But now, a large portion of the traffic to your website will be coming from mobile devices- so web designers are catering to that more and more. Creating apps, as well as sending users push notifications through those apps, are common these days. Those notifications keep your website/company in their mind throughout the day, as they get small reminders and alerts. Another way to cater to mobile is through the design of your website. Enabling more scrolling on your homepage, for instance, rather than having people click through several cluttered links to get to your information. Or eliminating the menu on your website that may be difficult to navigate.

Color and Design
The year 2016 is an innovative one for design when it comes to color schemes, typography, logos, and etc. Companies are always trying to find visually attractive ways to appeal to visitors, and to stand out, you have to be bold. Whether this is through a more minimalist approach, or through vibrant colors and eye-popping graphics, you just have to get your potential customers interested and drawn to your website.

Customer Interaction
Letting the customers feel like they have control and decisive power is an effective way to keep them engaged. Many of today’s websites have some kind of small way for customers to interact with the site- whether that’s taking quizzes, “liking” pictures or videos, or anything similar. In addition to this, providing the customer with online support is very useful. A free online chat can get them any information about your company they might want, and good customer service will leave a lasting impression.