You may have noticed that there is a lot more video content on the web lately. Advancements in technology have put video in the hands of many companies that wouldn’t be able to offer it in the past. There are lots of worthwhile uses for video in the business world, and they go beyond traditional advertising or informative overviews.

Internet speeds are increasing all the time and mobile took off so quickly that it’s left many businesses scrambling to keep up and stay ahead of the pack to reach their expanding audiences. Mobile technology and social media have flat-out changed the way businesses connect with their audience – and web video has emerged as one of the leading formats for effective marketing.

Beyond traditional marketing messages, web videos can be effective at communicating all sorts of information to your audience. For instance, a video that announces a new product is far more interesting than a traditional press release, and it allows your potential customers to really get a better understanding and “feel” for the product. Additionally, many companies are utilizing crowd sourcing as a means of funding their new products, and utilizing web videos to announce their goals.

Video is also great for promoting events – you can certainly get a crowd via audio and moving visuals far more effectively than you could via traditional marketing.  Once the event is on, man-on-the-scene videos can provide excellent event coverage, not to mention the potential for interviews.

You can also utilize web video to promote your company via customer testimonials. People will connect with an actual video of a client praising you far more than they would with a simple text snippet. Video testimonials have been utilized for a long time in traditional media, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t utilize these in your web marketing, as well.

Lastly, video can be used as effective recruitment tool for new hires. Show why your business stands out, what the perks of working there are, and what the company culture is like. List benefits and why your company is more interesting than your competitors. The possibilities with video are endless and demand for more mobile video content is always increasing. Thankfully,  even small business owners can now utilize video to promote their business online.