I’m going to make an assumption here: converting website visitors into paying customers is a goal of your website. Ignoring common mistakes is like throwing content into cyberspace and hoping your profits will grow magically.

Take a moment to look at a few mistakes that may be preventing you from grabbing that ever growing elusive piece of web traffic pie that you crave, and deserve, for you marketing efforts.

What is your value proposition? If you don’t know what that is, then you don’t have one and if you know what it is but can’t see it on page one of your site, you need to put it up there now. Even if it is on page one, how clear is it? Put yourself in the shoes of a random website visitor; does your value proposition tell you that you have just arrived at the site you were looking for with no need to keep searching? If not, clean it up and make it clear.

Is the call to action well-defined and without too many complications? A page filled with multiple calls to action can frustrate and confuse a visitor. Do I sign up for your newsletter? Do I follow your blog? How do I download that white paper or brochure? Do I read this article, or watch that video? Having so many options on one page can be overwhelming and steer a visitor the wrong direction. Each page of your site needs a specific call to action. Putting them all in one place is too much too soon.

And lastly, do I need a compass and map to get through your site? A user-friendly interface is critical. If you make the site a puzzle, no one will stay long to solve the mystery. We want information in a digestible manner, not a virtual Rubik’s Cube of obscurity.


Source: Social Mouths