We’ve been seeing in all the literature these days that quality is king. That our customers are responding best to real people and real human qualities after years of manipulation through commercials, schemes and gimmicks. As a matter of fact, they are less interested in price than they are in the following six qualities, particularly when it comes to business to business (B2B) interactions. 



Don’t insult your would-be client by being ill prepared. Take the time to research their company before you speak with them. Asking questions that are easily provided on their website will get you a fast, “not interested”. 


Don’t try to impress them with your detailed descriptions and jargon filled language about their company or yours. Discuss your plan in simple terms without being simplistic.


Customers usually have ideas on how to solve their problems and create growth and they are coming to you to both make that happen but to look for new ideas that they haven’t already thought of in house.



The customer wants to be sure that you are on board to represent their company, not just your own interests. You should confirm that they are happy with the plan and if not, re-assess together.


The customer has to believe that they are a priority and that you will get back with them right away if there’s a problem.


If a problem were to arise, the customer wants to know that you take responsibility. They won’t approve of you passing the buck to anyone else in your company. This is another measure of customer loyalty as well.

It really boils down to qualities that we admire in others – again, integrity and quality are the order of the day to keeping your business growing and successful.

Source Material:

6 Things Every Customer Wants  by Geoffrey James of Inc. Magazine