Before we talk about video marketing, let’s first define marketing in general. LOP Blog June 1st 2012 The American Marketing Association says the following,“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

So what is video marketing? It is simply doing all of that with video as the communication medium. Since TV and internet have virtually merged, the smallest business can now leverage the power of professional video to communicate online. Since a large portion of the population is watching even their favorite TV shows on their computer, this means your message is almost equal to broadcast TV. However, it is absolutely necessary to have the highest production and talent standards you can afford. As TV merges with the internet, it gives the general population the power of broadcast television, but it also means that viewers expect TV broadcast standards on their computer screen as well. The only exception to this is for comedic, entertaining YouTube style clips. If you are going to be conveying a sales or marketing message about your company with any seriousness, it needs to look like it came out of a professional studio.

Is video marketing an absolute necessity? That depends. As the marketing world shifts from “pushing” messages to allowing prospects to “pull” information to them at will, the goal becomes laying every possible type of information within arms reach of each visitor. In other words, access to testimonials, FAQs, video overviews, deeper written content, and multiple ways to contact the business. So while video isn’t an absolute necessity, neither is the FAQ page, or the contact page. To succeed you don’t need any particular one, you need them ALL.

You might ask, “Do I really need ALL of these?” My answer is this: “Do you want to generate business online? Then yes!”

If you just want to have an online presence to show you friends and family members then just stick with the typical website plan. If you want breakthrough results, then you must pull out all the stops. Crush your competition by giving the visitor every possible type of detail in every possible format. However, make sure to read my next article when I explain the attention pyramid and the way you arrange this information in the website for maximum visitor satisfaction and conversion.