Is This Your Brain On Social Media?


Neuroscience research show that Monkey’s brains have specific responses to Social Sharing. They seem to get a mental boost from small gifts of sharing to other Monkeys. They also seem to be able to recognize almost invisible signals that indicate which Monkeys have higher social status in the group. If this is indeed like the Social Media world, then this is bad news for some of us. It means that everyone on Twitter might be able to  figure out that we are actually just “small potatoes”.  It also indicates that by increasing your sphere of influence you will generate those unspoken signals that result in your social media stock going up.

Just like the Monkeys in the wild, when the other members see people thanking, favoriting and re-tweeting you, then they are more likely to do the same. Gradually you become an influential person. At least in the online world that is.

THE LESSON: Get involved in the give and take of the Social Media conversation. It translates to influence.


What Monkeys Teach Us About Social Media