Your 2013 Web Marketing 8-Step Checklist

Changes that took place in 2012 will greatly aid our focus for Online Marketing in the coming year. Improvements in mobile devices and applications have again altered the playing field and new SEO techniques will demonstrate that an active, personal look at content and link building will be necessary to market our business as well as our clients’.


1.     Mobile App Value

With last year’s scramble to make websites mobile-friendly, this year will find us looking for ways to offer value to the mobile device user. How can our brand or client, offer their value in mobile app form?

2.     Analytics in Abundance

Analytics are easier than ever to obtain and study. Tracking marketing actions that result in lead conversion will be commonplace and expected by our clients. However, it is also becoming more evident that the click value on conversions is not telling the entire story. Time and attention will bring that number higher eventually, but how long that will take remains variable. Therefore, marketing tweaks won’t necessarily show immediate increase in conversion.

3.     Inbound Marketing Rises

There will be an increased focus on Inbound Marketing. Budgets should include increased expenditure on incredible content, amazing web designs and inbound analytics.

4.     Data Visualization Explodes

The ability to place complex sets of data into easily understandable, quickly visible graphics will be very popular in today’s busy, time-constrained world.

5.     Customer Loyalty Attention Paramount

Due to the fact that all of our customers speak to each other freely about their service, results, etc.. via the many social media options available to them, special care should be given from day one to show customer loyalty and appreciation since it’s much easier (cheaper) to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.

6.     Website Design Again?

In the beginning, any website got the award (clients). Then everyone had a website and brief, clarity became king (again in this busy, time-constrained world). But now through the very affordable and competitive web design companies and programs out there, our websites must have it all! Clarity, Content and Aesthetic Awe!

7.     Variety will be Key

Google SERP is more info rich now with Wikipedia entries, social Google authorship with Google + and reviews. We will have to broaden our spectrum of marketing to take advantage of this.

8.     Link EARNING is the new Link Building

The old ways are out (and illegal) and now we must use a new effective way to generate links to our websites (and client’s websites). Gone are the cheap, lazy shortcuts of old and the new requirement will be great content across a variety of social media channels. The links have to be compelling to other humans!

 Have A Great 2013


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